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A question about GD quality

I've started to work on the main page of a site. It's a general social site, so I want to use the main_members block to display pictures of the members. There are a few issues I need to overcome with main_members. I have the block set to display 4 photos wide, and without the "form." That way it's strictly the picture/avatar of the members, 4-wide, and no more than 30 displayed. Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, so to speak, because I only have myself and a test user to test with, but I'm noticing that the block isn't displaying pictures 4-wide, it's displaying 1 picture, then a break in the line, then the next picture under the first.

Now, the issue might be in the way iOS rotates the images. For iOS devices, then you take a picture, the picture is actually roted 90 degrees from the original orientation. I'm not sure why iOS does this. Most websites check the orientation and correct the iOS weirdness and manuelly rotate an iOS image to correct position, then re-save it. When uploading a profile pic from an iPhone (iOS) to my site, the image isn't rotated to correct iOS's weird rotate issue. Instead, it displays the image 90 degrees off. Now, this is a weird iOS issue, and not any issue with, but I'm wondering if code looks for this weirdness from iOS images and corrects it, or if it leaves it as is. It seems to be left as is, without correcting the 90-degree orientation issue.

If doesn't "fix" iOS's weird orientation issue for images, then this would explain why main_members Block is not showing images 4-wide. It shows them one on top of the other, as if the main_members setting was 1-wide, not 4-wide.

Last issue. The server I use is a VPS. I have been in contact with the people that run it to add this and that. For instance, the GD library wasn't there, and some database modules were missing from Apache. I got those fixed, but, the quality of images I upload from an iPhone (iOS) it rendered at about.. I'd guess... 10% quality. In other words, it looks terrible. This is not a issue, but a GD PHP issue. So, is there a location in the code that I can set the compression quality for images uploaded?

Several related issues all in one, but any ideas, suggestions, etc., are welcome. F75B05AA-0B05-48DD-8E83-953EFF2E7A5E.jpeg DB9A6DB6-19DC-455E-A12C-5E5F2FA5DBA6.jpeg

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