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error when installing of XAMPP

This is a report on how Chris handled an error that I was experiencing installing Composr.  I was attempting to install onto my local hard drive on a XAMPP testing platform.  Near the end of the Setup Wizard part of the install I would get a critical error indicating that part of the setup had exceeded the allotted 30 second time allowed.    I do not have a timing issue on my normal hosting ISP, just on the local copy of XAMPP.

Because of separate reasons which aren’t germane to this problem, I use the manual extraction method of installation.   My system is Win 10 with 8G RAM and 8T+ hard disk space.  My C: drive is relatively new 2T drive with over 800G free.

Anyway, I corresponded with Chris via email explaining what was happening.  After a couple of email exchanges to explain in more detail, Chris sent me a beta copy in which he was addressing my issue.  This beta copy did speed up a lot of the processes which is a positive for everyone who uses Composr.

The beta didn’t, however, totally correct my problem.  After another round exchange emails, the result was a modified css_and_js.php file that did fixed the problem.

Since this fix was handled apart from the forum, I wanted Chris to get the kudos for the quick and complete service.

So Chris, a big Thank You.

Bob Miers
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Realy helpful person. Chris deserves a statue  :cool:
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