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Nowadays, Microsoft Edge gets better with each latest upgrade of Windows 10. After three years of its primary releases,

Nowadays, Microsoft Edge gets better with each latest upgrade of Windows 10. After three years of its primary releases, I am comparing it with the Google Chrome as an end user only to see that how it fares when it will come to battery usage, and speed, among other things. In this post article, you can check whether Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome to see which one is better for Windows 10 operating system.

Highlights: Microsoft Edge vs. Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge will always let their users scribble and write on web pages before sharing it with others.
  • Edge has the built-in support of Cortana on Windows 10.
  • Edge loads much faster than the Google Chrome.
  • Edge also performs JavaScript faster than the Chrome.
  • Chrome uses some data prefetching, to work faster.
  • Chrome is best for e-commerce applications as it is specially designed the traditional way.
  • Microsoft Edge is a Metro App and can also access some other similar metro apps faster than the Chrome.
  • Netflix and other video sites are performed well on Edge as it provides up to 1080p and also 4k resolutions.
  • In some controlled situations, Microsoft Edge provides us with better battery performance as compared to Chrome.
  • Microsoft claims that its Edge browser is 37% faster than the Google Chrome.
Reading View of Edge vs. Chrome

While Edge and Chrome both are very good in providing reading views, but Edge will offer a few more things. Hence it provides us with a quality screen by which we can read long articles and eBooks. Though, the dark mode of the Windows 10 was already highlighted the Edge window only to provide us a better-focused window.

However, the reading mode on Edge contains a dictionary; you just need to highlight that word to see the exact meaning of that word. You just to right-click on it and then select “Search on Google” in Chrome. This will turn into translating to active goggling of words for meaning. But in Edge, you just need to highlighted by double-click or double-tap the word you want to know, and the meaning of that words automatically appears in a balloon just above the word.
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