Composr Weekly Live Chats, starting Saturday the 18th


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Talk with developers, contributors, and fellow users of Composr

Composr Weekly Live Chat

Week 1

Greetings! This is an announcement that the first weekly Composr live chat will be happening Saturday, November 18th starting at 7pm GMT (or 1PM CST, other timezones here).

This will be an open discussion for anyone to join. If you use Composr and you want to share your experiences and learn more directly from the developers, you should attend. If you're interested in getting involved with Composr development, you should also attend.

We may use Google Hangouts for the meetings in the future, but because it is currently broken for Firefox, we will start out using Jitsi Meet, a similar, open-source alternative. On the day of the meeting, you can join the call by visiting

The meeting will be livestreamed to Nerd on the Street's website and YouTube channel. Chris (the current lead developer of Composr) will be in attendance, which he will confirm in the near future. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Thanks Jacob!

To confirm, I will indeed be there  :party: .

We intend this to be a regular support and community building thing, so get your questions ready :).

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