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Conduct interview with the members and publishing them

Hello Composr users,
We appreciate all your contributions to the Composr community, in asking questions, providing feedback, and helping out others.
We have decided it would be exciting to have an 'interview' session with some of you and then publish the interviews. This will let people know different ways people are using Composr, provide us some more feedback, and help promote what you're doing.
If you'd like to be featured please fill in the below and email me at
Below is a list of sample questions to answer. Pick around ten questions to answer:
1) Tell us about your website: what is it called, what's the URL, and what is the mission behind it?
2) Tell us about yourself: what led you to the point of building a website?
3) How did you come to know about Composr, and what made you choose Composr for your website?
4) How has Composr helped you?
5) Where do you want to see Composr go in the future?
6) What do you consider as your most significant achievement on your website so far?
7) Do you consider yourself more artist, technie, or writer? Or perhaps something else?
8) Are most of your hits from mobile users, tablet users, or desktop users?
9) What countries do your visitors come from primarily?
10) Besides your website, what else do you do in your free time? What are your passions?
11) What do you really avoid doing?
12) What do you really dislike doing but have to do anyway?
13) What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
14) What is your favourite inspirational statement or proverb?
15) What is your favourite food?
16) What is your favourite band/singer?
17) What is your favourite book?
18) What is your favourite movie?
19) What is your favourite TV series?
20) What is your favourite YouTube channel?
21) What drives you?
22) Who is your role model?
23) If you could change one big thing in the world, what would it be?
24) What social media channels are you most active on?
25) What are your plans for the future?
26) Is there any other really cool Open Source software you'd like to recommend to people?
27) What advice would you give people in life and/or work?
If you want to go of in some specific direction not covered by the questions, go ahead. The questions are just there for some inspiration. It's not a strict interview, more of a way for you to tell your story. Feel free to shuffle things and re-word things so it flows well. You can go into much more detail than a question asks for.
Please also attach one or more screenshots of your site for me to use, or if appropriate some other image(s).
I can't promise we'll publish every response, but there's a decent chance we will if you tell a good story or provide a good inspiration to people. We haven't yet decided the format for publishing them - for example, I may post them as forum topics, as news, or in a slider on the site itself.
We do also need to reserve the right to edit things to keep things concise.
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