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Hi to anyone interested :$,

As I've mentioned before, I got married to my American wife about 15 months ago (I'm English), and this has naturally made a big impact on my life - a very positive one.

However in our case it has also made a big impact in terms of my work schedule, because for the past 2 years I've had to go through an ungodly amount of paperwork (formal engagement visa, formal UK engagement process, 4 stages of a long/complicated/bureaucratic US immigration process, international shipping arrangements) - probably around 35 days handling all this. And a whole lot of travel planning and travelling - perhaps also 35 days just travelling across the Atlantic or to various appointments, or recovering from travelling, in a couple of years. So that's together about 10% of my time. And taking off time so I'm actually able to spend time with my wife rather than being a complete workaholic, perhaps another 10%. Realistically I probably lost about 1/5 of my time. That doesn't sound too bad, but it's all been quite mentally challenging stuff, and for someone with essentially 3 challenging jobs - doing client projects, maintaining Composr, and developing the next version of Composr, it has been pretty crippling in terms of my productivity.

Well, good news - finally next week I should be permanently immigration to the US, as I had my final successful visa interview last week.

Really that's all I wanted to say, to update you all on what's happening. I'm hoping that very soon now I can settle down and be much more productive again, and move v11 toward completion, along with our relaunched website and our relaunched project structure. I do still have to spend a lot of time on client work (as that's what pays almost all the bills), but that does often lead to some very nice improvements to Composr anyway.

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Good to hear that everything is fine.
I wish you and your wife all the best in the future.

Keep up your wonderful job.
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