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I downloaded the software from Bitnami on my Windows 10 machine and am playing around with it.  I like it a lot so far.  I had an Invision Power Board forum about 12 years ago that never really took off and know a little HTML and some code.

So I'm working on a site to where I will have articles, that include liks to Kindle books I have authored as well as porducts I have designed on Cafe Press and Zazzle. 

I also want my own Wiki type database of terms, much like you were linking to Urban Dictionary or Wikipedia, only I want to author them myself.

I also want forums to be able todiscuss the articles, rather than comments on them, though I may change my mind.  I'm hoping to eventually let some users be editors of the aforementioned Wiki and post their own articles.

I have a couple of domain names in mind that aren't taken, but not sure where to host at first.

Thank you so much for making this software availible for free.  I'm watching videos
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