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Chris Warburton / Chris Graham / Paul / Naveen
20th May 2017

Activity Feed


Added 20th May 2017

Displays a self-updating feed of logged site activity, with options to filter the contents. Also includes a block for entering new activities directly into the feed, allowing a "status update" functionality.

These blocks are put on the member profile tabs by default, but may also be called up on other areas of the site.

If the chat addon is installed, "status" posts can be restricted to only show for buddies.

If the Facebook of Twitter addons are installed…

This addon is awesome! Thanks
Thankyou Chris
Is theur also an resume-page? where you can see activity of everybody?
Not sure what you mean by "resume-page". But you can place a main_activities block somewhere to see all the activities together.
I think its because of my english … sorry.

But that was almost what i mean.

I mean, for example a central page where all logged in users can put an activity, and where everybody can see each other activity.
edit: I made it already. Thanks

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