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Chris Graham
12th January 2016



Added 12th January 2016

Buildr – A world of fun.

A 'multi user dungeon' (MUD) environment where members (players) may interact with each other and construct virtual worlds. The system includes an economy based on points.

There is a very carefully selected feature-set that allows interesting world interactions; quests, adventures, simulations, and other things may all be created by clever use of this feature-set.

Buildr is a full zone addon for Composr.

System Requirements / Depen

I have tried this out, but is there any documentation for it? It has some really great potential in a teaching enviroment, but i am finding it hard going working out how to develop a world etc.
Yes, go to
on your site and you'll get the help page. It's also linked under the Help button, under the Tools tray in Buildr.
Yes sorry Chris, a while after i posted i noticed your name by the add-on…….I had wrongly assumed that the plugin had been written by someone else (never ever assume ), so as soon as i saw it was yours…. I knew there would be decent docs inside it.

Sorry its entirely my fault, i am rushing around and missing the obvious!  :$

It has so many possibilities to make education fun, obviously we will have to play with it  test it thoroughly, before we let the kids near it :D.
No reason to be sorry at all :christmas:
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