Composr 10.0.3 released

Composr 10.0.3 released

19th April 2017, 1:19 pm

10.0.3 released. Read the full article for more information, and upgrade information.

I think like most upgrades performed by other applications.... maybe listing off the changes made or what has been updated would be helpful. Since you state that you can read what has been updated but nothing shows but that an update has been released. Kind of makes me feel like this is just a small patch with no info. Just pointing this out....
This would be useful, but you can see what's been fixed by looking at the bug tracker and other changes in the git commits. The other applications you're thinking of probably have much larger teams.
Yeah, it's a lack of resources to be honest. Trust me, a lot of things get fixed constantly ;). It's such a huge system with a lot of permutations of configuration, maybe 6 bug fixes per day at the moment.
"I" understand that... but that is us. I am thinking noob and how they see this. I know where to find the info but if you look at how and what these pages are stating it does look like you can view this info from here.
Perhaps a statement as to where this could be found in the release notes...inatead of pointing back to this page that says its been released????
Cross-posting my thoughts on this…

I agree that having release notes, especially when functionality is changing in some way, would be a help.

Unfortunately we just don't have the resources to do that right now. I have to dive in and make fixes very quickly, and I don't have the time to really document each individual fix. It wouldn't take me that long to do (maybe 10% longer), but it's still time I don't have unfortunately.

If we had more volunteer developers doing bug fixes, or more support on my Patreon, more time could be dedicated to it in the future. I expect this will be the case at some point.

Anything people can do to help us grow our community is very welcome  :cool:. If things aren't depending on me, or I am able to dedicate more time to pure development rather than client work, we can do a smoother job. Until then I'd recommend people who are more nervous about updates have their own test sites to trial updates on.
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