Composr 10 RC29 released!

Composr 10 RC29 released!

5th January 2017, 12:02 am

10 RC29 released. Read the full article for more information, and upgrade information.

Hello,  I notice the "line is no longer supported" and just curious is that the cellphone chat app LINE?

That was a bug on our server, sorry about that. It's now fixed. We recently updated our release management code. One of the features of that code is to say if a version line is out of date, but it confused the v10 line with the v1 line due to starting "1"  :lol: .
Hi, I don't see a form to generate my upgrade path, how do I tell my upgrader.php the correct command?
Hello, I noticed that as well. A work around is going directly here
Composr 10 RC29 released! - Composr
but over the few hours i get "An upgrade is currently being generated by another user. Please try again in a minute. "
it seems like the link frm adminzone that creates the pop up is missing the upgrade creator form but the news article directly has it.
Sorry for the glitches guys. It works now. Teething problems with our new release management code.
Thank you tons for all your hard work on this project, everyday I am learning more about it and in total awe!!
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