Composr 10 RC6 released

Composr 10 RC6 released

19th April 2016, 5:50 am

10 RC6 released. Read the full article for more information, and upgrade information.

We are getting into higher release candidate numbers now than we have in the past, and more than I had expected to be honest.

However, I don't want to rush the final release. We'll keep making regular new release candidates as long as there are any failure-type bugs within particular corners of the system. We're unlike other software because there are hundreds of corners to Composr, and most users never try out most of those corners – so it can take a while for every problem to bubble up, and there's some back and forth involved. I plan for us to make the final release when we've just had a 2-week period with only cosmetic bugs reported - even if that sends us to RC20.

With the ocPortal releases we probably were guilty of going to the final release too quickly, and I don't want to make that mistake with Composr releases - so we'll be more conservative now. Besides, we can plan our activities better if we're not juggling bug fixing with customer upgrade programs and marketing.

An RC release is stable enough to use on live, and supported with quick fixes – either via a hotfix, or via a new release made soon. The difference to a final release sits in us not doing our final marketing yet, and continuing to support ocPortal 9 with bug fixes as the official stable version.
I certainly recommend people be building new sites on Composr though, not ocPortal – Composr is an overwhelming upgrade in most areas :).

Also, don't feel compelled to upgrade to every new RC we're putting out. These are coming out fast and furious, and if you're happy that the features you're using work well, there's no reason to upgrade unless we say so. The speed of releases is more to ensure that the back-and-forth process works through as quickly as possible.
Thanks for the explanation and good to see you and the team are taking very careful measures to ensure that Composr CMS is as stable as possible.

I personally will be upgrading these RCs as much as possible since TLC+ is one site being used as a live site testing ground for the new Composr software.
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