Composr development update - April/May/June 2017

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Hi all,
This is a real quick progress update for April/May/June 2017, and also a summary of where we're currently at.
We haven't provided a progress update in a while but we have continued to make strong progress towards Composr v11.
Chris also got married and had his honeymoon, so has been a little distracted, but is now back on track.
Currently our work is strewn across a number of different branches, which are all available in GitHub:
  • master
    This is v10 and being actively maintained with bug fixes.
    We recently relaunched our PostgreSQL support here which was a very big update.
    We also recently added the ability to filter Comcode Pages from the "choose page to edit" screen.

  • v10.1
    This is our huge eCommerce upgrade and was already released in beta fairly recently.
    This is an amazing release but our main focus and roadmap is towards the much bigger v11. The improvements were largely driven by client projects.

  • feature__contact_forms
    This makes many huge improvements to contact forms, introduces a new join block, improves join form configurability, improves Google Analytics integration, implements a SugarCRM integration, and many other improvements needed for one of our particular clients. So this branch essentially exists due to us needing to deliver new functionality to clients before v11 is finished.

  • feature__hybrid_responsive
    This is changing our mobile/desktop-mode paradigm to a hybrid that contains full responsive design, and also many other improvements to the themeing system. No work has been done here for a while, but it's a very important branch towards v11 and moves the platform forward in a radical way.

  • v11
    This is the main v11 branch that has a huge amount of functionality changes done last year. More recently though Salman has been completely rewriting our JavaScript and incorporating Content Security Policy (CSP) support to significantly reduce the risk of XSS security holes in Composr. I can't down-play the significance of this, it's moving our JavaScript platform about 15 years forward in terms of the way things are done. Our coding standards have recently been refreshed for this branch, with over 285 documented standards. Recently we have gotten it back in sync with the v10 branch, and got almost all the automated tests passing. Salman is currently finishing off the JavaScript changes (as Chris did a very big review of it).

  • Other work
    We recently added the ability to easily convert the default theme to px instead of em. However I can't remember which branch it is, it's one of the above! Regardless, it's really cool for designers and will be in v11.
    We're almost ready to start dropping another dozen video tutorials.
    We're working on redoing all our main icons as SVG vector images and with flat design principles.
We are moving towards getting all our branches merged back together, especially because v11 is becoming stable again (for a long time Salman was gutting it for his very heavy changes). This is going to be challenging, but we'll get it done. We had to do work on all these different branches due to the large scope of the different improvements being worked on, by different people, which would have otherwise conflicted..
v11 is going to be an amazing release.
Keep on composing,
The Composr CMS team
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