Composr development update - July 2017

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Hi all,

This is a quick end of month development update for July.

In our last update we discussed how we needed to merge various disparate code branches together into the main v11 branch. This is now done :). Quite a lot of small code quality improvements have since been made also. Salman is now continuing on the finishing touches of the JavaScript rewrite. We still have a lot of other development items to do for v11, but most of these will be relatively small compared to the heavy lifting of JavaScript and Responsive Design.

Work continues by Manoj on implementing new flat design SVG theme images, to modernise the default theme. We have done 427 of 643 images (pending review and amends).

Rajesh has released 16 new video tutorials on our YouTube channel" (1 is by Patrick).

Chris has released a very major new addon, Health Check. Health Check will run over 100 checks to make sure your site and server continue to be properly configured, including the ability to regularly run in the background and deliver reports by notification. This addon will be bundled in v11, but for v10 is a non-bundled addon in the addon directory (we wanted it out early so we could use it on our own sites, and so it got some field testing).

Chris is away for most of August, so he will not be making much development progress through the month, but a lot more progress is expected in September onwards.

He's also still planning to start up Google Hangout sessions at some point, likely regular ones, although he's been too busy for that since it was last discussed so please be patient there.

There are some big ideas in fundamental improvements in governance and tech support that are likely to be initiated after v11 enters beta (no release dates for that, sorry).
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