Direct Transifex language pack downloading

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Now members and translators can download all the Composr CMS translated strings for a (Transifex-translated) language in one click.

Visit the Transifex download page and click on to the 'Download' link shown for each language.

Please remember that the language packages listed in this URL are ongoing translations. The links are provided to download packages for testing purposes, and we will continue to be testing and packaging up release-ready packs as addons.

Till date we have released Tamil and Spanish, but as you can see a number of packs are nearing release-ready stage.

Thank you to brandziel, jhmorenof, blasfe, Killyhop, and ruben.alfonsin for getting the Spanish pack to release. It was released over the weekend.

We love to see Composr CMS in more different languages. If  a language package of your choice is not listed, you can also contribute. The steps are simple, create an account in Transifex and request the translation access for Composr CMS on your language of choice at Composr CMS 10 localization. Once our team approves your request, you can start the translation and help us with your contribution. To know more, read our translation tutorial.
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