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Last week we concluded our migration to GitLab (Migration to GitLab - Composr).

Further to this, a number of development practices have been overhauled around how development work is messaged. This is to improve communication to Composr users and also within the development team.

In brief:
  1. New patch releases will now include a full changelog, linking to tracker issues explaining each change. This will make a lot of people very happy. We stopped providing changelogs some time ago because it was taking a lot of time that was better spent elsewhere. It was not previously done automatically because frankly our (mostly my) git commit discipline left a lot to be desired and provided no basis for generating good changelogs. New standards for git commits are now in place, and a new infrastructure for changelog generation is built on top of it. The most recent patch release also contained a changelog, although that just links to the git commits – the new system is much nicer.
  2. New security policy. A more modern security response policy has been written (at the bottom of https://compo.sr/docs/tut-software-feedback.htm). This policy reflects the unavoidable reality that improved git discipline also makes it easier to see what security holes are getting fixed, before a new patch release is officially out to fix them. It also clarifies and corrects many things, based on how we have dealt with security incidents in our recent history. Feedback on the new policy is welcome.
  3. GitLab and tracker integration. GitLab commits will now link to associated issues on the Composr tracker, and generally tracker issues will link back to GitLab for bugfixes.

The full details are discussed in this tracker issue:
0003789: Git policy changes - Composr CMS feature tracker

Work continues on version 11. Version 11 is a huge release and we still are providing no timeline for its completion. Work has frankly been slow for personal reasons I have previously posted on the forum. However, in recent months significant transparency has been added to the process, with all issues targeted for v11 development properly tagged as such. This reflects our work to opening up project development with v11 as our project moves into a new phase of existence. I expect a lot of progress to happen in the coming months.
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