Topic read counts - a bug affecting users who upgraded from ocPortal

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We just discovered a bug affecting users who upgraded from ocPortal.

Composr v10 introduced a feature whereby users could choose whether topics were automatically marked read or not. Unfortunately the ocPortal upgrade script made defaulted it so that all users have to manually mark read, including guest users (who can't do it).

We realise this is late in the game to be discovering such an upgrade bug. We just had a customer notice the issue, and I wanted to make sure it was properly documented.

To correct the issue, run this query in a tool such as phpMyAdmin:
UPDATE cms_f_members SET m_auto_mark_read=1;
(substituting cms_ with your true table prefix)

Or, run this command in Commandr:
:$GLOBALS['FORUM_DB']->query_update('f_members', array('m_auto_mark_read' => 1));

This will reset the setting to automatic marking read, for all users. Users who want to manually mark read can change the setting back if they wish.
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