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Hi translators,

A challenge for people translating Composr (or previously with ocPortal) has been the huge number of language strings, around 12,000.

This takes a lot of time to translate, especially if doing it to a language that is harder to type than English.

Most translators only really need to worry about the strings that website users will see, not all the strings administrators could see. Now all the language strings are classified as either 'administrative' or not, and on Transifex the administrative ones are stored in a separate file. This reduces the workload to about 1/4 for those who want to ignore those administrative files. The Transifex 'priority' feature has been put to good use, with administrative files put as the lowest priority – it's now really easy to see where to focus your effort.

Existing translations automatically have carried over.

If you do find we have mis-classified anything that normal users see as administrative, please file a bug report.

Additional improvements are made also:
  • Default English Comcode pages are now on Transifex also. This includes some stuff most people will want to translate such as the default rule pages.
  • Resource categorisation has been improved (it's now easier to filter by addon).
  • The system for automatically exporting Transifex language packs has been made user-friendly enough for translators to use (previously it was just for the development workflow). This will be documented in the "Translating Composr content" tutorial
  • We have now auto-scanned for language strings that are no longer used, and removed them, further reducing the work-load (over the years a few had become disused due to changes in the software). This scanning process is now automated and will be done for all future Composr releases.

A big thank you to everyone who has been translated Composr!
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