Composr development update - December 2016

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We wish all our friends a happy Christmahanakwanzika!

It's time for Composr development update for the month of December:
  1. Continued bug fixing, product tuning, and extended automated testing.

  2. Set up a Patreon so users can help keep Composr independent from silicon-valley investors while still being maintained professionally. Please support us, we need more Patreon support.

  3. Finished an extensive review against dozens of other Content Management Systems so that we avoid being too much of an echo-chamber of ideas. Started surveying a sample of new users to find what our biggest priorities are.

  4. Removed 145 lines of CSS from v10 that had become disused, helped via new automated testing. Every little bit of tidying and trimming we can do is important to keep the product as lean and well-formed as possible.

  5. New CSS-changes page on our website, showing all the CSS changes made between releases. This will make it easier to keep custom themes up-to-date, as if you override a CSS file (particularly global.css) you can now track all the future changes that have been made to that file, by version.

  6. Improved non-bundled addon build process so we can better automatically track versioning changes.

  7. New transliteration addon, for non-'Western' users who don't have the PHP intl extension.

  8. We're seeing our international community continue to do great work, translating into Catalan, Spanish, Tamil, French, Russian, and Chinese. A big thank you to all the translators.

  9. Better release-tree inspection code for our website, allowing more reliable upgrade-path advisory from the Admin Zone dashboard.

  10. APNG-animated-emoticons so that the animated emoticons look good on any background colour in Firefox and soon Google Chrome, .gif versions remain for non-supporting browsers (v11).

  11. New option to say where to redirect to after logging in (optional) (v11).

  12. New option to say where to redirect to after joining (optional) (v11).

  13. Continued refactoring to further improve code quality (v11).

  14. Significant progress towards implementing Content Security Policy to make XSS vulnerabilities impossible in the future (v11).

  15. Finished tuning and testing of Responsive Design in the default theme (v11).

  16. Completed large sweeping eCommerce architecture improvements (v11).

Thats it for this month and more to follow in 2017. I wish you all a happy new year!
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