Composr development update - November

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It is exciting for me to share the first monthly development update on changes implemented in Composr. You can expect this to be a regular thing from now on :).

Let us start with the development from October and November.

Most of the development activities are bug fixes, small improvements for version 10, and development work on version 11.

Version 10 (still in release candidate until we get roughly 2 weeks with no non-trivial bug reports):
  1. Improved accessibility - added keyboard shortcuts to the popup blocker page, and added an option to disable the fancy JavaScript listboxes
  2. Allowed auto-detection of the admin's language during the installer
  3. Clear system for delineating what functionality is and is not actively maintained
  4. Fixed all reported bugs

Version 11 (active development, turning out to be a larger release than we had originally conceived):  
  1. Prototype implementation of a new hybrid responsive design & mobile mode implementation (in the feature__hybrid_responsive branch on github)
  2. Reported content, reported posts, messaging, and support tickets all merged into a single streamlined system
  3. Feature to automatically delete a member's selected content when punishing a member (to easily clean up spam)
  4. Automatic deletion of installer after installation finished
  5. New advanced heuristic-based anti-spam system
  6. Flexbox layout (more robust box grid layouts and a more SEO-friendly column layout)
  7. 2-factor authentication for maintenance script access
  8. Option to make manual news summaries mandatory
  9. Big eCommerce code cleanup
  10. Security-level option in the Setup Wizard (to mass-set configuration to an appropriate level)
  11. Ongoing code cleanups

Other work has been in active development for several months, and we'll bring it up when it's concluded.

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