Hire for a project - step 1 of 6

Exciting! We will now be asking a lot of questions to try and get a clear picture for what you're looking for.

Apologies if the questions don't quite apply (e.g. if the project is not a full website implementation). Rest assured that a real human with common sense will read over whatever you fill in.

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The title for your project. Include the domain name if you have one already.
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A description of the project, as detailed as reasonably possible to reduce the chance of surprises. If you have a specification prepared already then you can keep this short and attach the specification below. What are your objectives that will define a successful project? What is the intended audience for your project? Describe a typical user visiting your website. What is their motivation for visiting?
Attach your detailed specification, if you have one. If your specification covers further answers then you don't need to bother filling them in.
Pre-existing project materials What project materials already exist? You can attach them to your support ticket later.

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What country do you work in? Knowing the nearest city will help also.
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What is your budget? You can give a range if you like, but the developer will need an indication so that the developer can assess feasibility and approach before a full professional analysis.
Composr project? * Required field Is this project to be implemented using Composr CMS?

Desired developer * Required field Who do you want to develop the work?

Contact methods How would you like your assigned project manager to be contactable?

Planning to be done by developer What planning would you like done for you? Anything you don't select is likely still important, so you'd want to get it done on your own end.

Number of stakeholders * Required field How many stakeholders/partners will the developer need to work with? This includes your relevant colleagues, partners, committee members, active investors, and other interested parties who will need to be consulted.

Your involvement * Required field What level of involvement do you expect to have during development? The answer to this question will affect the proposed development methodology and charging structure.

Expected response time to e-mails * Required field What is your expected response time by the developer to your e-mails?

Your past experience * Required field Have you done a web/engineering project before with a professional company? If not you'll want someone to step through things like how copyright assignment works, contingency budgeting, scope agreements, working processes, and problem/defect resolution.

Your background * Required field Knowing your background will help the developer know how to best work with you.

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