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Analysr by Chris Graham

Some extra stats for the side stats block.

The new stats include: Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Back links and Speed results. To use this addon install the addon then add a Side Statistics block as normal



System Requirements / Dependencies



Licensed on the same terms as Composr
Downloads: 5,968
Added: 20th May 2017

Browser Bookmarks by Chris Graham

Export the site-map as browser bookmarks.

Ever wished it was quicker to navigate around your site? If you're anything like us you get tired of having to move the mouse all around screens, and wait for half a dozen page loads, to get where you're going. There is an admin menu and sitemap in Composr, but that's still not as fast as a native desktop interface. Coming to the rescue is this simple ad…

Downloads: 5,958
Added: 20th May 2017

Charity Banners by Kamen Blaginov

Automatically creates a button banner type and banners for it and set them in a main (or side) block. Administrator could enable/disable banners, and also add custom banners.

The auto-created bundled banners are for 'causes' and are: Composr, Firefox, W3C XHTML, W3C CSS, W3C WCAG, CancerResearch, RSPCA, PETA, Unicef, WWF, Greenpeace, HelpTheAged, NSPCC, Oxfam, BringDownIE6, CND, Amnesty Internat…

Downloads: 5,977
Added: 20th May 2017

Data Mappr by Kamen Blaginov / Chris Graham / temp1024

Shows different catalogue entries' longitude/latitude values as pins on a Google Map. Clicking on the pin shows the catalogue entry in a little box (as a link to the entry).

You should configure the "Google Map key" option in the configuration (Admin Zone > Setup > Configuration > Feature options > Google map).

The names of the fields to take longitude/latitude from are configured inside block pa…

Downloads: 6,189
Added: 20th May 2017

Geshi by Chris Graham

Apply syntax highlighting to a block of coding which is pasted inside the Comcode code tag as follows:


[codebox="language"]the code goes here[/codebox]

Based off of GeSHI 1.0 (GitHub - GeSHi/geshi-1.0: Original version of Generic Syntax Highlighter for PHP). GeSHI 1.1 is still under active development at the time of writing, missing many highlighters present in 1.0.


Downloads: 5,957
Added: 20th May 2017

Top Posters by Chris Graham

A block to show the posters with the longest average post length and their total number of posts.

You can configure the total amount of posters to be listed using the max='Number here' parameter.



[block max='10']main_best_posters[/block]

System Requirements / Dependencies



Licensed on the same terms as Composr
Downloads: 5,953
Added: 20th May 2017

User Mappr by temp1024 / Chris Graham / Kamen Blaginov

A google map with markers of users locations.

The addon adds extra custom profile fields to store members coordinates to store their latitude and logitude. The addon can automatically populate the members when members visit the block page (only supported by browsers that support the HTML 5 Location API, e.g. Firefox). Members can edit their locations in their profile.

You should configure the "Go…

Downloads: 6,178
Added: 20th May 2017

Community Advertising

These banners are from the members of the Composr community, bought with points.

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