User Mappr

A google map with markers of users locations.

The addon adds extra custom profile fields to store members coordinates to store their latitude and logitude. The addon can automatically populate the members when members visit the block page (only supported by browsers that support the HTML 5 Location API, e.g. Firefox). Members can edit their locations in their profile.

You should configure the "Google Map key" option in the configuration (Admin Zone > Setup > Configuration > Feature options > Google map).

Coordinates of the Google map centre point and zoom level are configurable. You can find the coordinates by using the option in Google Maps Labs or via Latitude and Longitude Finder moved to

  • Title – The Name of the block which will appear on screen for example Store Locater.
  • Description – a Description of the block.
  • Width – Defaults to 100% of the column.
  • Height – Defaults to 300px but can be set to how ever many pixels (px) you need it to be.
  • Zoom – A number between 1 and 17, the higher the number the more zoomed in the map will start at.

System Requirements / Dependencies



Licensed on the same terms as Composr


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