Third Party Integration

Amazon Affiliate Sales by Kamen Blaginov

An affiliate Amazon block.

The block can be configured by the block parameters (associates id, product line, subject/keywords, and how many items to be displayed inside the block).

This addon allows you to create a banner link to a number of banners from your Amazon affiliate account. You will need to know your Amazon affiliate ID as well as the Amazon category (Books, Music, Software etc) and th…

Downloads: 5,992
Added: 20th May 2017

Better Mail by Chris Graham

Replaces Composr's built in mailer with one based around Swift Mailer. This may help workaround problems with buggy/complex SMTP servers, or ones that require SSL (e.g. gmail). If you're not have mail problems there's no point using this.


Licensed on the same terms as Composr
Downloads: 5,971
Added: 20th May 2017

Ebay Store by Kamen Blaginov

A block advertising items for sale by an eBay seller or from an eBay store.

The block is more suitable to be used as a main block because if it placed on a panel the block size is too small and it is hard to be navigated inside of it. The block dimensions width/height could also be adjusted (to fit better on the block area).

The normal Composr block construction assistant will help you set up the…

Downloads: 5,985
Added: 20th May 2017

Facebook Support by Kamen / Naveen / Chris

Substantial Facebook integration for your Composr website.

  • User's can log in to your site using their Facebook profile (for Conversr-sites only)
  • News and calendar actions can be syndicated to a Facebook group/page
  • User's can syndicate all their site activity to their own Facebook accounts
  • New Facebook Page block (allows users to like your site, shows those that have, and view page posts)
  • Ne
Downloads: 6,325
Added: 20th May 2017

Gallery Syndication by Chris Graham

Automatically syndicate out videos to YouTube or Vimeo, keeping them in sync, with the option to actually host the videos on these services via an embedded player (giving you free video transcoding and hosting).

Unfortunately YouTube support is currently not functional (0003166: Revive gallery_syndication YouTube support - Composr CMS feature tracker).

System Requirements / Dependencies

Downloads: 5,957
Added: 20th May 2017

Image Syndication by Chris Graham

Syndicate attachments and gallery images to various photo services (at the time of writing, Photobucket). You may also use the service(s) for primary storage.

System Requirements / Dependencies

PHP cURL extension, PHP5.2



Additional credits/attributions

Photobucket developers
Downloads: 5,956
Added: 20th May 2017

Twitter Feed Integration Block by Jason Verhagen

Integrate your Twitter feed into your web site, via a block.

First set up an app on Twitter, then use Comcode like:


[block consumer_key='xxx' consumer_secret='xxx' access_token='xxx' access_token_secret='xxx' screen_name='yourname']twitter_feed[/block]

System Requirements / Dependencies

twitter_support, PHP CuRL Extension


Common Public Attribution License
Downloads: 5,971
Added: 20th May 2017

Twitter Support by Chris Graham

Syndicate site activities to Twitter.

Activity can be syndicated:
  1. On a site level, for any news or calendar events added by the staff
  2. By individual users to their own Twitter accounts (if they have authorised this via the activity tab in their profile)

Set up is a little tricky:
  1. you need to set up an application on Twitter
  2. you need to configure Composr to use the Twitter API via Admin Zone > Setup >
Downloads: 6,177
Added: 20th May 2017

Youtube Channel Integration Block by Jason Verhagen

Integrate YouTube channels into your web site. Specify a YouTube channel or user name and some other parameters and you can integrate videos and video info in your web site. The block can automatically update with new content as it is added to the YouTube channel.

System Requirements / Dependencies

PHP JSON Extension


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0)
Downloads: 5,976
Added: 20th May 2017

Community Advertising

These banners are from the members of the Composr community, bought with points.

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