Facebook Support

Substantial Facebook integration for your Composr website.

  • User's can log in to your site using their Facebook profile (for Conversr-sites only)
  • News and calendar actions can be syndicated to a Facebook group/page
  • User's can syndicate all their site activity to their own Facebook accounts
  • New Facebook Page block (allows users to like your site, shows those that have, and view page posts)
  • New Facebook 'Like button' block (linked into the main_screen_actions block by default)
  • New Facebook Comments block

For this addon to work you need to configure Composr's Facebook configuration settings, which includes getting a Facebook app ID.

Please be aware that this addon overrides some common templates to add Facebook functionality to them, such as LOGIN_SCREEN.tpl and BLOCK_SIDE_PERSONAL_STATS_NO.tpl.

The documentation for this addon is covered in a dedicated tutorial (Composr Tutorial: Facebook Support - Composr).
For a demo, see this video tutorial:

System Requirements / Dependencies

PHP sessions, PHP CuRL extension


Licensed on the same terms as Composr

Additional credits/attributions

Icon by leslienayibe, Class by Facebook Inc.


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