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When editing news articles, twice I have been unable to use preview or save.

I have twice now, encountered issues while making changes on the back end, where I am unable to utilize the save or preview buttons. I can see the slight change in the buttons when I click them, but nothing happens as a result. 

As I am still in the construction phase, this is not a major concern. I can even uninstall and reinstall without any real loss at this stage. However, I am concerned lest this become an issue for users when I do open the site. 

I did search the forums and was unable to find any relevant results here. Thus, I wonder if anyone else has had this problem or found a solution?


Post Script: I believe I may have found the issue. It would appear that I had an open slot waiting for a keyword, being open and waiting for an input it is likely that this prevented me from moving on to the next step. 

Possible? Apparently not.

Now when trying to update my profile, I am apparently unable to use the save button at the bottom. It may very well be an open variable somewhere, but I do not see any. Further, when I refresh the page, it asks me if I would like to autofill from unsaved data ... a very useful feature I imagine though it did not allow me to save. Furthermore, it warns that clicking no will delete the data ... but despite this, each time I refresh and return to this page, it still has the data and still wants to autofill. I know I can clear this by clearing my caches, but it may (or may not) be relevant to the inability to save. 

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 

I cleared the caches on both my web browser and on the COMPOSR site installation yet I still get the warning for unsaved data and am still unable to save my profile information. 

Odder still, I just now got this message when signing in here ... 

"You appear to have unsaved form data. Would you like to auto-fill this form with your prior data? If you say no, the data will be erased.

I have twice now, encountered issues while making changes on the back end, where I am unable to util...

This is virtually the same as the unsaved data on my profile, but even after clearing all of the site installation caches and my browser caches. I am however, still unable to save the added information in my profile ... and I am pretty sure I am missing something obvious, but not sure what it is. However, the same unsaved form data here makes me wonder. 

As always, any feedback, thoughts and suggestions would be greatly welcomed. 


The issue appears to have been something to do with my photo and custom avatar. When I went in to change the custom avatar, it allowed me to save. I am trying to recreate the problem now so I can post here exactly what it was. I am still getting the saved data messages both on this site and mine though, again, even after clearing the caches. I am not sure what exactly that is. 


Apparently the issue was caused by having both an avatar and a user profile photo. I can have either one and do not have any issues with saving the profile. However, if I try to add both, I am unable to click on the save button to save my profile with both. This is true with both custom avatars and the stock avatars that were included. If it were merely stock avatars, I would load up a bunch of new ones on the site, but as it is, apparently my members will only be able to use a picture or an avatar and not both ...

if this issue is resolved, as it does seem to be a bug of sorts, I would greatly appreciate being informed. In the meantime, I will also post that there may be issues with trying to have both. I will not know for sure until I try to do the same things with a standard member profile. 

Apologies for the verbosity of my post, but I hope this helps someone ... and if it can be resolved ... again, I hope this walkthrough helped. Please let me know if I am the only one experiencing this if you would be so kind.

In the meantime, I definitely love the function and feel of the COMPOSR CMS. This one seems to be well worth working with. 



Step 1: Uploaded custom avatar and copied and pasted the RELATIVE URL from the url box after saving
Step 2: Uploaded profile photo and copied and pasted the RELATIVE URL from the url box after saving (May be necessary to delete one or the other to save at this stage ... either the photo or the avatar or both)
Step 3: Used the url box and typed in an absolute URL for the photo and saved
Step 4: Used the url box and typed in an absolute URL for the avatar and saved


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Whether you believe you can or believe you cannot, you are correct. 
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In PHP there are some variables that might need to be modified from ~cpanel or php.ini. Maybe something involving that.
; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 128M

; Must be greater than or equal to upload_max_filesize
post_max_size = 128M
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(Cross-posting from what I posted on the tracker)

This is caused by this bug:
0003893: URL fields failing to submit if containing relative URLs - Composr CMS feature tracker

We will need to get a new patch release out, as it's a nasty issue that came into via most recent patch release.

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