Composr development update - November

Composr development update - November

2nd December 2016, 5:47 pm

It is exciting for me to share the first monthly development update on changes implemented in Composr. You can expect this to be a regular thing from now on :).

Let us start with the development from October and November.

I'm really liking the big push for more updates and social notifications. And I'm excited to see what v11 improves upon v10. But, we still got v10 to stabilize :P

Question, what will we be doing when v11 releases? Will ocPortal support be completely discontinued (eg. version 9 and below)? And will we be supporting both v10 and v11, or will v10 be a short support cycle?
I posted a maintenance schedule for v9, but as we're still in RC it'll likely be extended. Maintaining v9 is pretty straight-forward so it's not such an issue.

Generally we'll have an in-development version, a bleeding edge version (e.g. like how v10 is still in RC – we'll be having longer pre-release periods with Composr until an external [i.e. neutral] criteria is met), a stable version, and a supported version. It all depends on the situation though, really it's a bit more complex:
Right now… v11=dev, v10=bleeding, v9=stable, v8=supported
Soon… v11=dev, v10=stable, v9=supported, v8=supported
Then… v11=dev, v10=stable
Then… v12=dev, v11=bleeding, v10=stable

I don't have dates really, but it'll be based on what is reasonable.
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