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Add a sponsor logo

How to add sponsor logos to your site
by Rajesh
Tags: Banners, Social
7th March 2017
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Regular

Removing Banner Addon

Remove banner addon from Composr CMS
by Manoj
Tags: Addon, Banners, CSS
20th July 2017
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Regular

Setting up Google Ads in Composr

In this tutorial I go through the process of setting up Google AdSense without Composr's own banners system.
1st July 2014
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

Show multiple randomised banners

Tutorial to display random banner ads in Composr CMS
by Rajesh
7th March 2017
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

Adding Banners to Your Composr Website

Banners make up a key part of many websites and Composr has a banner system which allows you to display a number of banners in any of your site panels.
by Steve
1st August 2013
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

Running advertisements (via the banner system)

Use the banners system to run multiple advertising campaigns on your website, using multiple media profiles.
by Chris
1st August 2008
Core Doc; Difficulty: Novice

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