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Webhosting for Composr
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An overview of how the webhosting industry works, and the general requirements and compatibility for Composr.
by Chris
1st August 2008
Core Doc; Difficulty: Novice

A website filesystem: WebDAV

A slideshow presentation on Composr WebDAV addon. An addon to author the content of Composr repository as local filesystem.
by Patrick,
25th July 2017
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Regular

Installing on Google App Engine

How to install Composr on Google App Engine, for automatic cloud scaling.
by Chris
1st October 2013
Core Doc; Difficulty: Expert

Installing Composr on a Windows desktop

How to get a Composr installation running on your own Windows computer, if you choose to use that as your server.
by Jean
1st August 2008
Core Doc; Difficulty: Novice

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