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Improving your search engine ranking
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For most websites, it is important to draw in visitors. We discuss the process of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
by Chris
Tags: SEO
1st August 2008
Core Doc; Difficulty: Novice

URL Schemes in Composr

Enabling attractive short URLs, for usability and SEO.
by Chris
1st November 2014
Core Doc; Difficulty: Regular

Taking a quick look at SEO on Composr

Composr has a number of inbuilt features to aid your SEO efforts. This tutorial goes over some.
by Steve
Tags: SEO, SEO
1st August 2013
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

Set Up Short URLs in Composr

Most Website users expect easy to read website URLs, which also help a great deal with Search Engine Optimisation. This 'How To' deals with how to set up the Short URLs in Composr.
by Steve
1st June 2013
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

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