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Converting a Composr Gallery to a Carousel

A task which I do on most sites I build with Composr is to convert the existing gallery block display so it displays as a carousel. This tutorial shows how.
by Steve
1st March 2014
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

Providing galleries

A gallery system is provided for the storage, organisation and viewing of images and videos. Read about it.
by Chris
1st August 2008
Core Doc; Difficulty: Novice

An Overview of Galleries in Composr

Like many other key elements of popular websites, Composr Galleries are included as a core feature of the CMS. The Gallery in Composr supports both Images and Videos.
by Steve
1st November 2013
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

Integrating a YouTube Channel to Composr

Composr offers an addon to be able to display videos from a specific YouTube channel on your website. This tutorial shows how it works.
1st October 2013
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

Advanced galleries

We go through some of the advanced features in the gallery system, such as batch importing, and personal galleries.
by Chris
1st August 2008
Core Doc; Difficulty: Regular

Live coding video: Charging points to add to galleries

This video was originally streamed on Twitch, as a live coding session with/for a Composr user needing help with some custom coding (charging points to add images/videos to galleries). It has been shared here for general interest.
by Chris
Tags: Galleries, PHP
20th February 2020
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Expert

Adding galleries to menus

How to add a gallery to the menus, then alter the breadcrumbs so it leads directly off the Home page.
28th March 2018
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Regular

Creating a gallery and mass uploading images

Tutorial on creating a gallery and mass uploading images, adding watermark and setting member access management.
by Rajesh
Tags: Galleries
28th February 2017
Auxillary Doc; Difficulty: Novice

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